• flag [flag]
    (plural flags)


    1. cloth flown as emblem:

    a piece of cloth, often rectangular and flown from a pole, carrying a distinctive design and used as an emblem or for signaling

    2. decoration:

    a small ornament, emblem, or pin showing the colors and  design of a flag

    3. identity symbolized by flag:

    a national or group identity symbolized by a flag

    4. marking device:

    a marking device, e.g. a tab, that is attached to something to make it easier to identify or more conspicuous

    5. computer program marker:

    an indicator generated by a computer program to denote a condition such as an error

    6. marker showing a taxi for hire:

    formerly, a small marker on a taximeter, raised to show a taxi's availability for hire

    7. penalty marker:

    a colored cloth thrown to the ground by a football official to indicate illegal play 


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